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(*) השמות המודגשים הם של חברי הסגל האקדמי של מכון הרצג לחקר הזיקנה




Current projects in work or in ongoing preparations for publication

Current research projects, supported by external grants and conducted within the framework, or facilitation, of the Herczeg Institute, cover a broad spectrum of topics related to quality of life, health and adaptation at older age. A portion of these projects have recently completed the formal time allocated by the funding grants, but are going through ongoing efforts to submit related articles for publication or to organize scientific conferences based on these projects.


Major topics addressed by these research projects include the enhancement of quality of care at the end of life, a theory-based intervention for the reduction of loneliness and social isolation among older persons, the improvement the long-term-care of persons with dementia with an emphasis on those suffering from pain and psychotic symptoms, a theory-based investigation of physical and mental health among older adults experiencing disadvantageous or distressed lives, the adaptational implications of subjective age and subjective closeness to death, and the concomitants of cumulative trauma and perceptions of threat among older adults in Israel along with a particular inquiry about related issues among Holocaust survivors.

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